*There are two memberships:

​Option 1 is totally, 100% FREE. Option 2 costs $15.00 per year and here's why:

You might not know some of your neighbors as well as others.  For that reason, and as a safety precaution, we offer you the paid membership. This membership requires you to allow us to do a background check on you.  The purpose of the background check is:

1. To help protect those needing help.
2. To help protect those providing help.  Type your paragraph here.

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​Favors 4 My Neighbors  creates the opportunity for you to help someone in need, get help if you are in need, and strengthen relationships with your neighbors; thereby, creating a safer and more secure environment!  If that's not enough, We are offering you the opportunity to WIN a RING DOORBELL: FREE... just for joining!  

It's a fact, you won't win, if you don't enter.  Join now!