​​​Favors 4 My Neighbors  creates the opportunity for you to help someone in need, get help if you are in need, and strengthen relationships with your neighbors; thereby, creating a safer and more secure environment.  

We are dedicated to making it easy, convenient, and rewarding for neighbors to help neighbors.

We believe  that, no matter who you are, sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand: someone to hold a ladder or maybe even to lend a ladder.  Maybe you need someone to help you rearrange furniture in a room, or you might need a ride to the store, help with a school project, a job recommendation, or a just a cup of sugar.  Whatever your need, there are neighbors willing to help.

 WE ARE:  Favors 4 my Neighborsand Our Motto is: One hand washes the other – help is in the neighborhood...and it's FREE! 

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